Mistakes in the use of breast pumps, have you hit it?


Breast pumps are a must-have for workplace moms, but there are many misunderstandings. If you don't pay attention, moms will give themselves away.


1. Compare breastfeeding with the amount sucked


"Whether the baby is full" is an unsolved mystery that haunts each breastfeeding mother. When breastfeeding, the baby sucks a deep bite and a shallow bite, and there is no way to judge how much milk the baby has eaten.

After having a breast pump, many treasure mothers began to use a breast pump to compare, want to know how much milk the baby has eaten, and the results of this comparison are often too few.

When breastfeeding, the baby and the mother's skin are on a blind date. Maternal love promotes a large amount of prolactin secretion, and the milk production will be more;

Faced with a cold breast pump, the mother’s milk production rate will be reduced, so the amount of milk squeezed out at the same time is simply incomparable.

After comparing with a breast pump, many treasure moms thought that the baby had too little milk and added milk powder blindly. Instead, they pitted themselves and pitted the baby, and the milk production was also decreasing. The baby was really not enough to eat.

 breast pump

2. Use a breast pump of inappropriate size


Breast pumps all look the same, but in fact, different breast pump sizes are also different. A properly-sized breast pump should enclose a small section of areola, with most of the rest leaking out. The size of the breast pump is not suitable, which not only has a poor breast pumping effect, but also causes breast pain.


3. Vigorously negative pressure, long time sucking milk


Many mothers always think that the milk must be emptied, so every time they pump milk, they work very hard and use a lot of negative pressure. They suck for a long time every time and suck up their breasts before they give up.

But this is not the case. Excessive negative pressure when breastfeeding can easily cause breast discomfort, which is not only harmful to the mother's health, but also not conducive to the mother's lactation.

And breastfeeding for a long time, emptying the breast, it seems to be conducive to milk production, but it ignores two problems:

When breastfeeding, the baby cannot empty her breasts every time. Emptying with a breast pump will cause the illusion of "supply in short supply", promote lactation feedback, and lead to excessive milk production.

A large amount of milk is on the surface a good thing. In fact, the baby can't finish drinking at all. Mothers have to pump milk frequently and clean the breast pump every day. It's very troublesome. If you don't pump milk in time, it's easy to raise milk, which is also very uncomfortable.