How to choose a baby hair clipper?


Baby Hair Clippers

For mom and dad, getting a baby's haircut is a big deal. Go out and get a haircut. The baby is afraid of strangers and crying out of coordination. In special periods, the public hair clipper is unhygienic, worrying about the dirty and noisy hair salon. Therefore, many parents choose to haircut their babies. So the question is, how do you choose a hair clipper for your baby?


A. Look at the brand


There are also many brands of baby hair clippers, and the brands of household and commercial are also very different. The most important point is that we use it for our babies, the brand used by buyers. The second is to choose a big brand, the quality is guaranteed, once the product has problems, you can get quality after-sales service to avoid disputes.


B. Ceramic head VS stainless steel head


The haircut of the ceramic head is small and sharp; the sound of the stainless steel head will be relatively loud. Some babies don't want to cut the hair because the haircut is too loud, which gives the baby a sense of fear, especially for the first time. However, the ceramic head also has a disadvantage that it is not as strong as stainless steel.


C. Plug-in hair clipper VS rechargeable hair clipper


Now there are more and more styles and types of hair clippers, and more and more functions. On the one hand, the inserted hair clipper is inconvenient for the baby to cut hair, and it is more dangerous when taking the root wire to the baby; on the other hand, the simple haircut, the battery is lighter, and it is more convenient to carry when going out.


D. Economic conditions


The economic situation of each family is different. In choosing a hair clipper, there is no need to choose too many functions that are too fancy. It is better to choose functions that are simple. Too many functions are expensive, and it is rarely used.