FAQ Solutions of The Baby Hair Clippers


Baby Hair Clippers

FAQ Solutions of the baby hair clippers

1.The difference between steel head and ceramic head?

Ceramic head is durable, stainless and sharp with a long lifespan.It makes less noise when you cut hair. However, it is apt to break in case of falling down on the ground. Steel head can resist collision. When it drop down,won’t break at all. There is little water on it and don’t make it dry,which will be rusty. Its sharpness is not as goods as ceramic blade.


2. How old infant are suitable to cut hair?

We suggest over than 3 months or 100 days,because infant head skin stiffens after that period.


3. How often shall we cut hair for baby?

We suggest one time per month.


4. What attentions shall we pay during cutting baby hair?

Prepare fully for it,divert their attentions,speak well of new hairstyles.

It’s had better take a bath after trimming baby hair,to prevent baby skin from being stimulated by scrappy hair.


5.I don’t know how to trim hair, i will hurt babies?

The baby hair clipper with setting combs,trim hair is as easily as comb hair.The setting combs separate cutter heads and baby head skin.It won’t hurt baby skin at all.


6.What things do we care in using the baby hair clippers?

Prior to using clippers,1-2drops of oil on blades,just move them by bands. It makes blade more smooth and will add to shearing fore and lower noise.After using clippers,make sure wipe off scrappy hair on the blades,the wipe it with dry cloths,with 1-2 drops of oil on blades.Keep it well for use in the future.