How to Shave Your Baby's Hair


Safe Quiet Baby Hair Clippers

1.Consider alternatives if your baby has cradle cap. 

Cradle cap is dry, dead skin covering a baby's head. Shaving all of the hair off is a popular remedy for it. If cutting your baby's hair is too nerve-wracking, you can try another remedy instead.

· Apply coconut oil or olive oil to your baby's scalp, then comb the cradle cap out with a soft bristle brush.

· Ask your baby's pediatrician about using a special prescription shampoo. It will take about a month or so for the cradle cap to clear.

· Prevent cradle cap by humidifying your home. Moisturize your baby's scalp with baby lotion just after bath time when the skin is still damp.

2.Make sure that your baby's head is firm. 

Whether you are shaving your baby's head for cultural reasons or to take care of cradle cap, you need to make sure that the skull is firm. It is recommended that you wait until they are at least a year old. If you need to take care of cradle cap, try the methods listed above or ask a pediatrician's advice.


3.Get a trimmer or clippers. 

Avoid using a razor unless your culture's tradition specifically requests that you use one. Razors are difficult to use on babies because they are more likely to nick the skin. A trimmer is much safer and will result in a buzz cut. Clippers are another option if you want to cut your baby's hair short.

· Use a longer guard, if possible. It won't take off as much hair, but it will keep the blade further from your baby's skin.

· If you must use a razor for cultural reasons, be sure to lather your baby's hair with baby-safe soap and water.


4.Ensure that your baby is in a good mood and comfortable. 

Cranky babies are fussy and move around a lot, which can make shaving their hair difficult. Choose a time when your baby is most relaxed and less likely to turn fussy. If possible, give your baby something to distract them, like a toy.

5.Move the trimmer upwards, against the growth of the hair. 

Do the back first, then the sides. If your baby becomes fussy, take a break and try feeding them. You can also sing or talk to your baby to keep them calm.[11]

· If you are using a razor, then move it downwards, with the growth of the hair.